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Quick Conversation Tip: Say This, Get Girls [Video]

If you knew exactly what to say to get a woman laughing or excited to talk to you, how much easier would your life be? Whether meeting a girl for the first time or talking to your long-term girlfriend, you’d always come off polished, charismatic, and attractive. Moreover, the days of getting stuck making “small Read more

Welcome to the GREY AREA: Playing the Game Effectively

Love it or hate it, let’s just accept it: attracting women is a game. Thankfully, once you know the rules, you’ll know how to get the next hot woman you meet. Even more important than knowing how the game is played, you must understand how the game is WON. Rule of the Game: DO NOT Read more

How Sloppy 3AM Texts Melted an Ice Princess (not what you think)

A few months back, I posted this as my Facebook status: If you’re reading this, you probably received a text from me last night (or, technically, this morning). Just wanted to say: I meant every word. Seriously. Totally wasn’t the 7½ beers talking ;] #goodtimes #goodtalk #seeyaoutthere As you’d expect, my friend list reacted with Read more

Flip Her Mood with this Quick Conversation Technique

I got a killer conversation technique to share with you.

In fact, I used this exact move last night on a date and it ignited fireworks. Literally 0 to 60 in just a few words… But first, let’s talk about “the sinking ice feeling.” The sinking ice feeling is that feeling in your chest when you know you’re bombing… Read more

8 Honest (and Somewhat Harsh) Criticisms from a Dude who Gives Dating Advice

Some tough love from a guy who’s been coaching guys for half a decade. The points may be harsh, but no one got better at anything with soft criticism. Enjoy (with a tough skin)… Read more

How to Text a Girl: The Tutorial

That’s because trying to set up women the “traditional” way is like trying to write a term paper on typewriter. It’s just stupid, a waste of time, and—ultimately—very ineffective.

Instead, embrace technology and use the smartphone to your advantage. Texting women in the “modern era” means understanding how to use text to maximize your success with women… Read more