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Transform Yourself in 2017: Your Guide to Mental Strength [with 8 Exercises]

As 2016 comes to a close, you’re probably taking inventory on how you changed over the course of the last 365 days. Are you smarter? Happier? Fitter? Doing better with the ladies? When the only certainty in life is that we’re going to change—whether that change is good, bad, or ugly— the question only the Read more

7 Quick & Dirty Tinder Tips for Taking Better Profile Pics

Everyone knows your Tinder profile picture is THE most important factor in whether or not you match with women on Tinder. However, most guys are clueless when it comes to what separates a good profile picture from a bad one (spoiler alert: it’s not looks). Below are 7 tips my team and I meticulously researched Read more

Quick Conversation Tip: Say This, Get Girls [Video]

If you knew exactly what to say to get a woman laughing or excited to talk to you, how much easier would your life be? Whether meeting a girl for the first time or talking to your long-term girlfriend, you’d always come off polished, charismatic, and attractive. Moreover, the days of getting stuck making “small Read more

Welcome to the GREY AREA: Playing the Game Effectively

Love it or hate it, let’s just accept it: attracting women is a game. Thankfully, once you know the rules, you’ll know how to get the next hot woman you meet. Even more important than knowing how the game is played, you must understand how the game is WON. Rule of the Game: DO NOT Read more

How Sloppy 3AM Texts Melted an Ice Princess (not what you think)

A few months back, I posted this as my Facebook status: If you’re reading this, you probably received a text from me last night (or, technically, this morning). Just wanted to say: I meant every word. Seriously. Totally wasn’t the 7½ beers talking ;] #goodtimes #goodtalk #seeyaoutthere As you’d expect, my friend list reacted with Read more

Flip Her Mood with this Quick Conversation Technique

I got a killer conversation technique to share with you.

In fact, I used this exact move last night on a date and it ignited fireworks. Literally 0 to 60 in just a few words… But first, let’s talk about “the sinking ice feeling.” The sinking ice feeling is that feeling in your chest when you know you’re bombing… Read more