How to Text a Girl: The Tutorial

That’s because trying to set up women the “traditional” way is like trying to write a term paper on typewriter. It’s just stupid, a waste of time, and—ultimately—very ineffective.

Instead, embrace technology and use the smartphone to your advantage. Texting women in the “modern era” means understanding how to use text to maximize your success with women…


How To Kiss A Girl: A Tutorial

In most of my products and articles, I rarely go into much depth about how to kiss a girl. In my opinion, sexual escalation (like kissing) is more of an outgrowth of sexual tension. In The 4 Elements of Game I define kissing as a “release” behavior—something that releases the tension created when you’re interacting with a woman in an attractive, masculine way.

However, I know some guys out there like a more thorough and detailed explanation of how to kiss a girl…


Released! Magnetic Messaging eBook On Phone and Text

Quick heads up on this blog…last week my good buddy Bobby Rio and I released our long-awaited book on texting women, Magnetic Messaging.

If you’ve enjoyed my posts on phone and text game on this blog and TSB, then you’ll probably get a lot out of the book. I approached the book as an explanation of attractive communication between men and women, which I know is a major stumbling block for most guys…


Best Pickup Line

Today I’m going to tell you the world’s best pickup line. Seriously. This pickup line is 100 percent foolproof and unless you’re a bumbling idiot, you can’t mess it up.

And no, this isn’t some “feel good dating advice” trick where I’m going to tell you to simply say hi and introduce yourself, and then explain how that’s the “best” line of all because it’s genuine. No way.

This is an actual pickup line: a line (that you say) that picks up (hot chicks). How can I be so sure? Because the first time I used it, I picked up a world-famous supermodel (story in a moment)…

Are You Afraid of Women?

Imagine this scene…

I’m sitting across from this Japanese girl with incredible cleavage at a sushi restaurant in midtown Manhattan. Our table is on the second floor, right next to a waterfall (yes, there’s a fucking waterfall in the restaurant!). Chill lounge music bumps in the background as the tables fill up with couples.

At some point, I look up from the menu. My gaze narrowly avoids…

Something Snapped: The Worst Summer of My Life & How It Changed Everything

Before I get into the blog post, I want to give an update on what’s been going on (and why I’ve been somewhat lax about updating this blog). For the last few weeks, I’ve felt more inspired and productive than ever to build Date Hotter Girls.

As ridiculous as it sounds, something about this company really speaks to me on a very deep. Even before we’d thought of the name, Date Hotter Girls was what I wanted to do…