…but in this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death, taxes, AND flaking. To amend Ben Franklin’s famous quote, flaky girl aren’t a problem—they’re an expectation.

Any guy who gets girls also gets flakes. Whether it’s a girl not returning your phone calls, not showing up for a date, or simply not acknowledging your existence, surely you’ve experienced the flaking phenomenon of modern dating.

While some flaky girls cannot be recovered, others are still salvageable—but it’ll take a bit of finesse. Though rest assured, if there’s a text, there’s a way. Keep in mind that flaking happens for two main reasons:

  1. Not enough initial attraction
  2. She doesn’t see you as a “real” person

For beginners, flaking is simply a function of attraction. With intermediate and advanced guys, however, flaking happens for the second reason: you’re not a person to her. This is the case more often than you’d guess. How many times have you had a girl all over you, maybe even making out with you, only to never hear from her again?

How many times have you had a girl all over you, maybe even making out with you, only to never hear from her again?

Obviously she was attracted to you. Why, then, is she flaking? Well, while you were busy shoving your tongue down her throat, you neglected to crystallize yourself as a person. To her, you’re just a hot, fun, piece of man-candy. (Don’t you feel so objectified?)

Too Sexy for Yourself

An irony of learning game is that guys get too good for their own good. That means, they learn how to create quick, burning hot attraction without making mistakes or slip-ups. That only lets women only see their “attractive qualities.” While this sounds great to the newbie, it’s actually a detriment to attracting quality, gorgeous women.

Most guys who study pickup and dating advice simply can’t wrap their heads around that concept. They’ll obsess over their attraction “skills,” convinced they’re frame isn’t strong enough, they need more calibration, their tonality is a bit off, etc. In reality, these guys need to (re)learn how to get the girl to see them as a real person.

To shamelessly plug my upcoming book, this is covered in an entire section (7 chapters) detailing the CONNECTIONConnecting with a girl is essential to the 4-EG balance. Since connections should never be forced or manipulated, it’s a passive mindset. Vulnerability is crucial to making a solid emotional connection. element. Essentially, that section will shift your entire mindset so you place an equal emphasis on attraction as you do on becoming “real.” By applying the balance with the CONNECTION element, you’ll vastly reduce the flakes you get by solidifying the relationships you form.

However, to apply a quick-fix technique for you to try out now, I’m going to share my “text crystallization” method for recovering flakes. While it may be hard to compensate for a severely imbalanced interaction, I’ve had dozens of guys tell me their success stories using this method. Moreover, I’ve recovered TONS of flaky girls using these 3 simple texts. So please try it out, and then report your results back!

The Recovery Plan

Here are the 3 texts to be sent at 2 minute intervals (preferably in the morning):

here’s everything you need to know about me

Robert Andrew Judge; 1/2/ Italian, 1/4 German, 1/4 Black; Born 1/2/83; Work as magazine writer; Fav color green; I find cold cuts revolting; A secret never told to anyone: I think that Celine Dion song from Titanic is excellent…

Now u know everything. Anyway, u’re adorable. Let’s get a drink on thurs. I know the best place, will be fun ;] let me kno

Idiot alert: Obviously write YOUR full name, not mine. Also substitute YOUR interests/disgusts/secrets in for mine (as the whole point is to crystallize YOURSELF as a human).

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