Success Vs. Disaster

“Guys who’re good with women are easy to recognize, but hard to notice.” That’s a maxim I throw around often. Working in the dating advice industry has afforded me the opportunity to meet and observe the full range of men—from guys with incredible charisma to guys who don’t even know where to start. I’ve found two main factors separate the extremely successful guys from the disasters:

1.)    The quality of information a man believes

2.)    His ability to create and maintain new habits

As such I built my entire philosophy around those two tenets: truth and habit. Contrary to much of the hype and hyperbole, learning to meet women is not so much about learning “skills” than it is about understanding intuition. Guys who understand that can meet women without theatrics and stagecraft—it’s as simple as “see girl, get girl.”

For me to teach that I had to revise much of the “advice” in the dating industry. That revision started at the start: the opener. If you read my book The 4 Elements of Game, you’ll learn that “the opener” isn’t when you start talking. The opener is when you put that pimp foot forward and walk toward an attractive woman.

Each time you neglect an approach or choose to take the easy way out, you’ve decided to practice a habit of failure.

That “revised” attitude carries through the entire interaction. Rather than approach women trying to force outcomes, get validation, or rehearse dating skills, I advocate approaching women to get the truth. You may get her, you may not, but you’ll always get truth. And by living truth-focused you’ll naturally cultivate proactive habits. Seeking the truth inoculates you from living passively as a silent observer on the sidelines, content to wallow in fantasy.

Live in Reality

Instead, you take responsibility. It’s your future, your success, your life. I like to call this “living in reality.” Although what you call it is far less important than how you live it. Each time you step that pimp foot forward, determined to undercover the truth, you’re making a decision. That decision may alter the course of your life, it may not. You’re not a clairvoyant so you have no way of knowing the truth of each individual decision.

You can, however, know how the sum of those decisions will alter the course of your life. By habitually taking responsibly, living in reality, and uncovering your unique truth, you’ll create a lifestyle. You’ll change the way you wake up in the morning, go to sleep at night, and everything in between. Regardless of your current situation, things will improve…

Are you with it? Of course you are. This all makes perfect sense…until you’re actually faced with that definitive moment: live in reality or live in fantasy? That’s when our destructive inspirationThe ability to express oneself in a creative—and alluring—way. As a counter-balance to drive, an inspired mindset is “passive” and so is follows driven action. (For example, a guy who “doesn’t know what to say” will suddenly think of something if he simply takes action and approaches a woman. Inspiration will come to him “on-the-spot.”) kicks in, and we’re convinced of all the reasons we should “play it safe” and keep ourselves living in fantasy—the opposite of truth.

Don’t worry, I’ve been there. I understand what you’re going through, which is why I revised the dating advice in the first place! The idea of making dating into a “habit” may seem strange. However, if you’re not getting the dating success you want, you already have habits—bad habits. Most guys think by not approaching girls or not actively looking to improve their attractiveness that they are not making a decision, not creating a habit.

Ironically though, by not choosing to approach women and not developing themselves these guys are making a decision and reinforcing a habit. They’ve decided to “settle,” remain mediocre, and practice habits of failure. Unfortunately simply reading this article will not make you successful or attractive—you must acknowledge the choice that faces you. Each time you neglect an approach or choose to take the easy way out, you’ve decided to practice a habit of failure.

Seeking the truth inoculates you from living passively as a silent observer on the sidelines, content to wallow in fantasy.

Embrace true, genuine success. This is the success you wanted in the first place: to date hotter girls. Remove anything that doesn’t bring you closer to that success.

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