My Review of 60 Years of Challenge’s “Complete Game Seduction System”

60 Years of Challenge review

If I’ve learned anything in the last few years, where I’ve met and dated women in manner completely beyond comprehension to any sensible human, I’ve learned this: things are not as they appear. Entering the dark woods of seduction is like walking into a carnival funhouse where contorted mirrors distort your sense of reality until you question the very fabric of everything.

It’s no surprise that the lucky few guys who master this area of their life go on to pursue other endeavors that once seemed immutable. And, unfortunately, those who give up on it are often worse off than when they started—left feeling disillusioned and cynical.

Taking the proverbial “Red Pill” is so cliché only because it’s so true.

With so much at stake, I have little tolerance for people I know to be “armchair advice givers.” Whether it’s a professional marketer who suddenly decides to give dating advice or the familiar know-it-all asshat who believes he has women figured out, I hate bullshit.

Myself being an experimental dater first and an accidental marketer second, my heart is still in “the game.” (And no, that’s not a reference to the book, which I believe is more of an exercise in accidental marketing than experimental dating.) Rarely do I discover material I connect with, or feel represents the truth. Even rarer do I discover material that I actually learn from and get excited to try.

All that’s why I love 60 Years of Challenge.

The New Class

I met 60 a couple months back. Like two high school kids who meet in detention, I was introduced to 60 because we were both labeled “deviants” by the pickup industry. We taught what worked for us—not what everyone else was parroting. Both 60 and I agreed on core principles everyone else was shying away from teaching: Be sexual not social. Escalation comes before attraction. Shameless is sexy.

In his “Complete Game Seduction System,” 60 puts forth a philosophy on seduction and attraction so dead-on accurate that I not only agree with it—I learned from it. In an ass-backward pickup industry that celebrates the ridiculousness and absurdity of the individual, 60 turns that idea on its head. He explains no one is special. The guy wearing the pink feather boa and doing magic tricks is no better off than the guy in jeans in a t-shirt. The external trappings of the “alpha male” don’t inspire attraction in the human female.

Instead, women are naturally attracted to men—all men. This attraction is predicated on sexual tension, which is independent of looks, status, social proofThe idea that being seen with other hot girls will get you more girls. Synonymous with “pre-selection.”, or any other “alpha quality” that armchair advice-givers like to circle-jerk over. Put simply: sexual tension is palpable whenever a man approaches a woman. But men often dissipate that sexual tension with “game”—they “cocky-and-funny” themselves out of sex.

In 60’s “Complete Game Seduction System” he pinpoints all the specific instances men commit these fatal dating mistakes. With a touch of brilliance, 60 wields applicable outer game tips together with a solid inner gameYour internal state. Strong inner game means overcoming facing your fear and doubt while actively building your self-esteem and confidence. mentality. For example, he spotlights an innocuous moment most guys never even consider: when you introduce yourself to a woman and shake her hand. Most guys probably never assigned any significance to that fleeting exchange. They probably just shook her hand without thinking twice about it.

For 60, however, this is a crucial moment in a seduction. Since guys are often the first ones to pull their hand away, they signal to a woman they’re uncomfortable with sexual tension. Unconsciously, the woman now knows that the man who just introduced himself to her doesn’t feel confident or sexual enough to hold her embrace. Seduction is a game 60 defines as: whoever is most comfortable with sexual tension. If you can get her to pull away her hand first, you win a small victory in the game of seduction.

The Big Win

“The Complete Game Seduction System” rests on an array of “small victories” that ultimately cause a woman to succumb to the immense sexual tension in an interaction. This is exactly what every woman dreams of: a man who’s so confident, so at-ease, and so awesome that he has absolutely no discomfort around women. Having observed 60 apply his method at one of my favorite local bars, I know how simple and effective it can be—for any guy. (Remember, the backbone of “The Complete Game Seduction System” rests on the premise that no man is special.)

Both 60 and I agreed on core principles everyone else was shying away from teaching: Be sexual not social. Escalation comes before attraction. Shameless is sexy.

For any guy who’s been trying to figure out women, you probably agree that nothing is as it seems. Often counter-intuitive behavior elicits attraction. However, that counter-intuitive behavior isn’t what’s obvious to guys—it’s what’s discovered through experimental dating. Being someone very interested in that “field of study,” I can quickly recognize when someone else “gets it.”

And by “gets it” I’m talking in both the figurative and the literal sense.

So, with that, I can confidently recommend 60 Years of Challenge’s “The Complete Game Seduction System” to any man looking to improve his love life situation. You will be pleasantly surprised with the counter-intuitive genius you’ll find in 60’s material.

If you found this review helpful please click on the link below, as I’ll receive an affiliate commission for writing this 60 Years of Challenge review. (As my long-time readers know, I ONLY promote products I have read, tried, and believe in. In fact, this is the FIRST product I’ve ever recommended that wasn’t my own or a joint venture where I was featured in the product.)  For more information, click on the link below:

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  1. Is this were a real review, an affiliate link would not be used to promote the product. I thought you were above all the seduction community cross-promotion profiting?

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