So Zack and I just finished preparing the audiobook version of “The 4 Elements of Game.”

After we released the book, I’d receive a few emails a week from guys who’d ask about an audio version of the book, for 1 of 2 reasons:

  1. They wanted to listen to the book, over and over, until the mindsets fully sank in
  2. They hate reading

I can appreciate where these guys are coming from, so Zack and I decided to create a full, unabridged version of the audiobook for your enjoyment, benefit, and spite for reading.

Zack did the grunt work with this one, reading the full 175-page book over the course of 5 and a half hours. (Also, Zack has a way better voice than me lol).

Since we just “launched” this product, we’ve decided to let it go at a promotional price (29 bucks) before we raise it. So if you have any interest, definitely jump on this now sooner, rather later. When the price goes up, it’ll go up significantly. Don’t flake 😉 To learn more and/or purchase the audiobook, click on the link below:
The 4 Elements of Game audiobook
Also, since I like this blog to remain content-rich, I’ve also included a free sample chapter. Put your name and email into the box below, and I’ll email you Part I of the book (a 45-minute MP3 file). You’re gonna either love the intro music…or hate it. Haha, either way enjoy the sample and I hope you take advantage of our launch price!


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