I just got back from Vegas where I hung out with my good friend and editor, Bobby RioCreator of TSB Magazine, premier dating instructor, and author of multiple best selling dating courses­. Also, one of Rob Judge’s close friends; Bobby and Rob have collaborated on several best-selling products and courses.. I like hanging out with Bobby because he brings an interesting perspective to the dating advice niche. Unlike the bromance other instructors have with one another, Bobby looks at things pretty objectively and likes/criticizes accordingly.

In his personal life, Bobby’s in a fulfilling relationship with a quality lady (I met her at a Mountain Dew party last year). While Bobby’s not out every weekend macking club floozies, he still has a lot of good stuff to say when it comes to attraction and pickup. Notably, he condensed that knowledge into his recent product, Amplify the Attraction.

What I like about this product is:

1.       It’s very easy to absorb

2.       It defines the fundamentals of attraction in a very easy-to-follow way

If you’re finding yourself opening women, but not taking things any further, definitely check it out. Amplify the Attraction is much more than just more abstract theory. Bobby includes lots of examples and stories to flesh out the material. The tips he offers are turnkey and easy to implement, so you can use them right after you finish going through the modules.

This product is more geared toward beginners or intermediate guys, but there’s some quality information on more advanced concepts like fast isolation. In fact, if you’re having trouble isolating girls, you really should check this product out. There’s definitely some great stuff in there on that specific phase of an interaction. (I know after years of coaching guys that isolating is something most guys struggle with.)

I feel this eBook is a nice complement to Bobby’s material because it explains attraction on a biological level.

While I am admittedly biased, I do think this product is worth the money. While there’s nothing groundbreaking in it, the way Bobby summarizes tried-and-true concepts is fantastic. If you’ve studied a ton of pickup literature, you might find this Amplify the Attraction redundant; however, if you’ve only studied a handful of resources save yourself time and energy by checking out Bobby’s curriculum.

Since the link below is an affiliate link, I will also add my own bonus. Since I stand behind this product 100 percent, I’m also going to kick in my short eBook, “The 5 Secrets of Desire”. I feel this eBook is a nice complement to Bobby’s material because it explains attraction on a biological level.

(Also, you’ll receive a bonus that Bobby and I recorded on how to improve your physical appearance. It’s over 80 minutes long and it explains everything you need to know about fashion, fitness, and overall comeliness.)

Click on the link below to checkout Amplify the Attraction along with my bonus, “The 5 Secret of Desire.”

Amplify the Attraction by TSB’s Bobby Rio

After you purchase the product, shoot me an email at rob at datehottergirls.com to redeem your bonus.


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