So the last few weeks I’ve been hard at work on developing my own iPhone app. I designed it as a mini-course on getting over “approach anxiety.” Having an app to help coach you through those crucial moments when you see an attractive girl seemed like the perfect use for an app (since you can just pull it out of your pocket and use it as an approach coach.)

Anyway, Apple just approved it and it’s available in the app store! You can check it out by typing in the keyword: ApproacHER or you can learn more on the information page, here:

ApproacHER info page

Here’s the copy I wrote for the Apple store:

If you’ve ever noticed a beautiful girl you’d like to meet but failed to approach her, then this app is for you!ApproacHER is an all-encompassing course on approaching and beginning an interaction with a woman. Whether you’re an aspiring “pickup artist” (PUA) or just a guy who’d like to meet more women, this app will get you approaching beautiful women.
ApproacHER contains 5 tabs—each packed with tips, exercises, mindsets, and pointers on how to approach women. On the HOME screen, you will find an introduction to the ApproacHER course as well as a quick reference guide of checklists and cheatsheets so that you can recall the course lessons in a flash. This is especially helpful when you’re out and you see a girl you’d like to approach…just reach into your pocket, reference the cheatsheets, and BOOM: you’re ready to approach!

The bulk of the ApproacHER coursework is found in the PRE-GAME and THE APPROACH tabs. Here you will find essays, maxims, exercises, examples, and articles on everything you need to know before you approach an attractive girl. You will learn specific approach exercises that alleviate you of the nervousness and anxiety you may feel before approaching.

These tabs also contain information on how to “open” a woman, how to position yourself with attractive body language…it even instructs you on what to do if you make a mistake!

It’s time you take charge of your love life by approaching them. You will never know what could have been if you keep passively staring at women from the sidelines!

After you read the entries in the PRE-GAME and THE APPROACH tabs, you will be approaching women as simply as if it were a reflex!

To reinforce the mindsets and teachings of these tabs, ApproacHER also contains a SEMINAR tab, which contains 9 lecture clips of Rob Judge explaining how to build the confidenceThe permission you grant yourself to remain comfortable in uncomfortable situations. you need to approach women.

These short soundbite clips were designed to give you motivation when you need it: right before you approach an attractive woman. Listen to the short clips of Rob and let his enthusiasm guide you to take action. The clips are taken from 3 of the industry’s top dating conferences and are recorded in high quality audio.

The coursework of ApproacHER comes from Rob Judge, a veteran dating coach who specializes in helping men get over their “approach anxiety.” Rob has spent the last two and a half years helping men get over their fear of approaching women. He knows exactly how to motivate you to take action with attractive women.

ApproacHER also has a built in JOURNAL tab that lets you track your progress as you make a habit of approaching women. Use the journal to quickly jot down notes on women you approach so you remember the great experiences and empowering feelings long after the approach is over! Your entries will be saved for 5 days, giving you plenty of time to input your notes into an offline journal.

Stop letting attractive women walk out of your life! It’s time you take charge of your love life by approaching them. You will never know what could have been if you keep passively staring at women from the sidelines!

When you’re an old man, you will never regret the girls you approached…only the girls you didn’t approach! Just imagine how many great women are out there, waiting to meet you. Let ApproacHER give you the confidenceThe permission you grant yourself to remain comfortable in uncomfortable situations. to start meeting them.

Not only will ApproacHER supercharge your confidence to approach women, it will also tweak your approach so you don’t come across as creepy or sleazy.

ApproacHER covers everything you need to know to attractively establish a mutually enjoyable interaction between you and a woman. You will learn the EXACT signals a woman’s looking for when a man approaches her.

Don’t hesitate: every day dozens of beautiful women pass you by. Who knows which one might your next lover, girlfriend, or even wife! Give yourself a chance by giving ApproacHER a shot. Download it instantly to your phone right now and start approaching women ASAP!

  1. Idk what i should think about that…Does it really work or is it just another product that will sell you the “secret formula”, but is a big lie as well? Does anybody understands my worries?

    • Yes, I completely understand why there’s distrust in this industry. The only products I create are ones I consider to be of the highest quality. I don’t re-hash over people’s methods or tell you common sense bullshit that sounds nice, but doesn’t help you get women. I bleed my heart and soul into my products, and that’s why I don’t have a catalog of scam products to make a quick bucks. It’s been a full YEAR since I released my last product (The 4 Elements of Game) and despite the book’s popularity, I’ve been slow to release another product not because I’m lazy or haven’t been working on it for hours a day…but because I want to ensure everything adheres to my standards of quality. If you check out the info page, you can see a full YouTube video of the app in action and then you can decide if it’s right for you. Also, if you have any specific questions, let me know.

      Best, Rob

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