Why I Don’t Do Kino [Life Advice on Texting Women]

Today I want to talk about texting.

(But for those of you who’d rather just watch a video rather than read an article, I understand: CLICK HERE.)

What I have to say about texting will do more than just rock your thumbs…it will change your life.

But to discuss something of such magnitude, I first need to explain my stance on kino…

…or lack thereof.

It all goes back to the dark ages of meeting and dating women. Back when wild packs of peacocked pickup gurus (P.U.G.s) roamed the earth. These gentlemen had a word for human touch.

They called it…


The word came to symbolize the gap between the sexes…the cure-all for our dating woes.

Want to generate attraction? More kino.

Stuck in the friend-zone? More kino.

Cure cancer? More kino.

You get the point. Guys over-emphasized the effectiveness of touch, believing that if they could just get their hands on more women that they would…well…get their hands on more women.

Now, don’t get me wrong: there’s nothing wrong with putting your hands on hot babes!

But to think of “kino” as a tactic is so…so…creepy!

It would be like showing up to a gang-bang wearing a submarine yellow biohazard suit.

It’s weird.

C’mon guys! This is MEETING, ATTRACTING, and DATING hot women! This isn’t a 7th grade science fair project!

Kino sounds like something I’d need safety goggles to try…and definitely NOT something that gets me closer to a gorgeous, passionate woman.

Not ONCE since I began enjoying success with women have I ever thought I was “applying kino” when touching some hot babe. No way! I’m simply enjoying myself, hands-first.

I know it may sound like I’m getting a bit “touchy” over such a small word, but it’s more than “just a word.”

It’s an attitude.

Kino doesn’t sound FUN.

It sounds like WORK.

Like something that requires a graphing calculator.

I don’t do “kino” because I like to make meeting women FUN. And EXCITING. And AWESOME.

This attitude applies to more than just “kino”…it should apply to EVERY aspect of the way you communicate with beautiful women.

How you “open.”

How you vibe.

How you get physical.

Probably one of the BIGGEST gaps in most guys’ “game” is their inability to keep the FUN communication going over the course of an interaction.

And this is especially true when guys pick up the phone to text or call a woman.

If you’ve ever encountered a “flakey” girl, you know I’m probably talking to you.

When you’re using your phone to follow-up with a girl, or ask a girl out on a date, or even check-in with your girlfriend, it should put a SMILE on your face.

I remember back when I worked in a soul-destroying office job as an editor of science magazines, the HIGHLIGHT of my day was when I whipped out my phone to text the babes I’d met over the weekend.

I made it fun by creating my own method for texting women that was more than just enjoyable…it was also EXTREMELY effective.

(If you have ANY experience with women, you obviously know that when you’re having fun, she’s having fun, and fun is attractive… So it’s not exactly hard to figure out why this works so astonishingly well.)

For the last year or so, I’ve been teaching tidbits of my texting method to live program students as well as writing the occasional TSB article or blog post on how to text girls. I’ve received tons of feedback from guys who said my tips helped them recover girls they previously thought it was “over” with.

So you know what I had to do…

I had to do what I do best: turn what I know into a book.

Back in September, I raided my old iPhone 3G (R.I.P.) and gleaned my best texts, insights, and ideas. I then weaved those concepts into a bible for texting women…

I proudly present: MAGNETIC MESSAGING.

Even if you have no interest in a book on texting women, I’d highly recommend watching the video below. It contains some really interesting “big idea” concepts on attraction and women:

Check Out the FREE Video.


P.S. This video is pretty much the exact opposite of kino:

Watch the Video Now

P.S. If you haven’t clicked that link, you probably use the word “kino” in a non-ironic way. (Which will only lead to kinoing yourself…)



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