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Today I’m going to tell you the world’s best pickup line. Seriously. This pickup line is 100 percent foolproof and unless you’re a bumbling idiot, you can’t mess it up.

And no, this isn’t some “feel good dating advice” trick where I’m going to tell you to simply say hi and introduce yourself, and then explain how that’s the “best” line of all because it’s genuine.

No way.

This is an actual pickup line: a line (that you say) that picks up (hot chicks). How can I be so sure? Because the first time I used it, I picked up a world-famous supermodel (story in a moment).

Before I tell you the story and the line, however, I must make one disclaimer—this line only works in two places: bookstores and libraries.

…As I saw my chance to approach this absolute beauty slip away with each fleeting step she took, I decided I had to say something. Anything.

That’s it.

If you see an attractive girl in a bookstore or library, you’re good to go. If you see a woman anywhere else, I’m not promising anything.

Understanding why this line only works in “targeted” locations is VERY important—in fact, it will dramatically improve your understanding and success with women.

But we’ll get into the “theory” later.

First, the line.

So you probably know the scene: you’re browsing the aisles of your local bookstore or library. Suddenly, you look up and see that total bookworm hotty, also browsing.

It’s quiet enough to hear a mouse fart, so you’re cautious as you approach. What do I say? What do I say? you wonder as you make your way towards her.

You get within earshot of her and…nothing. You pick up a book and pretend to read. But you’re really just racking your brain, trying to think of something to say…something to say…SOMETHING TO SAY.

And Like That She Was Gone…

When you glance up from your pretend reading, you see she’s walking away. She’s leaving and you said NOTHING. Your inability to even open your mouth tortures you. So you take a step forward. But then you again realize how quiet it is. So you freeze. But then you feel tortured again. So you step forward. Freeze. Step forward. Freeze.

I know the scene all too well because I’ve been there. Specially, I was there on January 24, 2007 at about 3:30 in the afternoon in the “Bargain Books” section of a midtown Manhattan Barnes and Nobles.

I watched as a supermodel—literally a world-famous, 19-year-old, Dutch supermodel—walked away from me.

So now you’re obviously wondering: how the hell did a scrubby little 5”8 nerd like me convince a 6” blonde bombshell to join me for an instant coffee date at the Starbucks in Barnes and Nobles?

The line, my friends, the line.

Game Winning Shot

See, as I saw my chance to approach this absolute beauty slip away with each fleeting step she took, I decided I had to say something. Anything.

I ran down the aisle of Bargain Book and screamed, “Wait!” Everyone—including the supermodel—turned around. I had one chance to deliver a line that HAD to work. The pressure was on.

It was like getting passed a basketball with 1 second on the clock in 4th quarter when you’re team’s down by one. I had one chance—and just one chance—to take my shot.

I glanced to my left. Nothing.

I glanced to my right…and…something caught my eye. It was one of those hilarious romance novels. You know the ones I’m talking about, the books with those clichéd pictures on the cover.

But this book was special.

This one was downright ridiculous.

A Fabio clone tore at the breast of his shirt as some “damsel in distress” craned her neck in either ecstasy or misery. There was a wooden ship exploding in the background, making the absurdity just that much more absurd.

Without thinking, I grabbed the book and delivered what would become the greatest pickup line to use in a bookstore. Ever. Of all time. No line will ever surpass the combination of words that came out of my mouth in that moment.

I pointed to book and said:

This novel is loosely based on the events of my life.

The girl erupted in laugher. Game on. I was in. Moving closer, I pointed to the ecstatic “damsel” on the cover and joked,

Play your cards right and this could be you.

More side-splitting laughter. She was loving it. She was loving me. And we ended up going on a coffee date together on the spot.



Incredibly successful pickup.

Now why did this work and, more importantly, how can you get such a pickup line to work for you?

The reason a line like this works so well in a bookstore is for one simple reason: screening. A girl who spends time in a bookstore or library is a specific type of girl. She’s smart. She understands irony and subtly. She’s probably witty.

If I used this same line on a girl in a smutty nightclub, she might mistake it for bragging! A “nightclub chick” might actually mistakenly think that I’m trying to tell her that a fabled hunk ripping his shirt open is based on me.

Total misunderstanding.

And that’s why pickup lines are so tricky. What may work on one girl won’t work on another. A girl’s personality type factors into the way she feels attraction, how she perceives your communication, and even how she wants a guy to “pick her up.”

See, a girl in a bookstore probably wouldn’t respond to a “direct” pickup line. If I walked up and simply told that supermodel I thought she was cute and wanted to meet her, she probably would have written me off as some sleazy weirdo.

But since I began the interaction with humor and irony, she saw a different side of me—a side that’s attractive to her personality type.

Now I don’t presuppose to fully understand women by any means. As Sigmund Freud famously said: “The great question that has never been answered, and which I have not yet been able to answer, despite my thirty years of research into the feminine soul, is “What does a woman want?””

However, based on years of real-world experience coupled with a scientific system, I recently created an app that can help you unravel what “type” a woman is just by asking her a few simple questions.

A girl’s personality type factors into the way she feels attraction, how she perceives your communication, and even how she wants a guy to “pick her up.”

Imagine if you could figure out the BEST approach or the BEST date for girl you like just by asking her things like her favorite book or what sported she liked in high school. Indeed, you, too, can play out scenes like what happened to me in the bookstore just by understanding women’s personality types.

As one early user of the app said in his review, “The best app around that shows you how to get a girlfriend.” If you have a special girl—or girls—that you like, you need this app to show you the “blueprint” for attracting them.

Read more about this app (and grab it now while it’s still priced less than a cup of coffee!) by click on the link below:

Get a Girl App by Date Hotter Girls





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