Look. I wrote Magnetic Messaging, which pretty much encapsulates everything I know about how to text a girl, yet some guys are still confused. I attribute this to 1 of 2 reasons:

  •  You don’t want to spend money on an eBook on texting women
  • You don’t understand the principles behind the keylock sequenceThe three-step sequence to creating emotion, forming a connection, and moving the interaction towards an in-person date.

For those who refuse to spend money on the eBook, all I can say is this: how much is getting the girl you like out on a date worth to you? Sure, you can convince yourself you don’t need a “guide” to explain how to text women, yet do you really want to chance it with a girl you really like? If that really worth saving a few bucks?

So, seriously, if you haven’t checked out Magnetic yet, click here to learn more.

Now, for those who don’t fully understand the keylock sequence, or who simply want to learn more about it before taking the plunge and purchasing Magnetic, I dedicate this article to you.

So let’s get right into it…

The Secret Formula for Texting

If you’re still reading, you’ve probably wondered, “How do I text a girl? I want to ask her out, but don’t know the right way to do it…” Trust me, we’ve all been there. Probably you’re wondering:

  • Should I begin by texting her something sweet like, “It was fun talking to you…get home safe…”?
  • Should I just go for it in the first text and ask her out?
  • Should I send something flirty or even tease her?
  • Should I avoid text altogether and just call her?

These are very common questions and I want to address all of them. And, in order to do that, I need to clarify something:

The invention of the smartphone has killed off the traditional way of asking women out.

This point is so important, I’m going to state it again: The invention of the smartphone has killed off the traditional way of asking women out. Seriously. Write it on the back of your hand if you have to.

That’s because trying to set up women the “traditional” way is like trying to write a term paper on typewriter. It’s just stupid, a waste of time, and—ultimately—very ineffective.

Instead, embrace technology and use the smartphone to your advantage. Texting women in the “modern era” means understanding how to use text to maximize your success with women.

So, for starters, avoid ever sending texts that serve no purpose other than showing you’re “nice” or “polite.” Texts like “hello,” “what’s up,” “hope you got home safe,” or even “It’s Rick” are pointless and a total waste of time.

Keep in mind: texting women isn’t the same as meeting them face-to-face…so you don’t need to say hi or begin a “formal” conversation. Instead, cut right to the chase.

And to “cut right to the chase” I mean BEGIN FLIRTING IMMEDIATELY!

Don’t beat around the bush. Don’t act coy. Don’t waste time and texts with nonsense. Instead, your first text should get her to smile. I don’t want to write out specific texts because I’ve already done that here and here. However, use this as the “first text test”:

If you can get her to laugh or smile with your first text, you’re 1/3 of the way there.

Really, all your first text should do is get a smile or a giggle out of your girl, and you’re already 33% successful in setting up a date with her.

Next, you need to make some sort of CONNECTIONConnecting with a girl is essential to the 4-EG balance. Since connections should never be forced or manipulated, it’s a passive mindset. Vulnerability is crucial to making a solid emotional connection.. See, most guys overlook this crucial “texting ingredient” because they’re too caught up in looking cool or flirting too much.

No matter what, if this girl is going to meet up with you, she needs to feel you connect in SOME way, shape, or form. Therefore, you need to remind her of a common interest, inside joke, or even a quality about her that you appreciate.

The more genuine your “connection text” is, the better. In fact, the “second text test” is:

If you can get her to say “aww” or “that’s sweet” with your second text, you’re 2/3 of the way there.

Now keep in mind: in a perfect world, this would only take 1 text. However, we all know NOTHING is perfect. Sometimes it will take you more than 1 text to get her smiling or get her to moan, “aww.” It can sometimes take 4-5 texts to do so. And that’s perfectly fine. However…

Once you get the response you’re looking for, move onto the next text! So for example, once you get her smiling, don’t keep sending flirty emotional texts. Instead, move onto a connection text. And, likewise, once you establish a connection, don’t keep trying to make more of a connection. Instead move onto…

The final text: the proposed meet up text. Not only is this the most important text, it’s also the easiest. All you need to do now is “pull the trigger” and propose a date. For your best chance of success, keep it simple. We’ve often said the “best text of all time” is simply: “Drinks? Later?” It’s simply, to-the-point, and accomplishes the third and most crucial step, which is getting a meet up.

We’ve declared this 3-step series of text “the keylock sequence” because you can think of it as “putting a key into a lock (first text), turning it (second text), and opening a door (third text) to a fun and excited girl who can’t wait to meet up with you for a date.”

So, do yourself a favor, and stop ruining great opportunities for dates and relationships by neglecting your texting skills. Master “phone game” once and for all by grabbing your copy of Magnetic Messaging. Click here for more information

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