Whenever I meet guys looking to improve their success with women, one underlying question always permeates everything they do: when will I be good with women? Every guy who gets into improving his success with women really only wants thing, which is to have success with women. Some guys refuse to endure the process necessary for that success, so they give up; other guys are willing to going through the process, but only do it with the ultimate outcome in mind. I completely understand the Continue Reading
I just got back from Vegas where I hung out with my good friend and editor, Bobby Rio. I like hanging out with Bobby because he brings an interesting perspective to the dating advice niche. Unlike the bromance other instructors have with one another, Bobby looks at things pretty objectively and likes/criticizes accordingly. In his personal life, Bobby’s in a fulfilling relationship with a quality lady (I met her at a Mountain Dew party last year). While Bobby’s not out every weekend Continue Reading
Getting good at meeting women was a skill I’d been desperate to learn. When I discovered “the pickup community” I found myself diving into its promises face-first. The deep end of obsession was where I landed. I left the dry comfort of normalcy to do things I’ll never forget—much as I wish I could. The internet played a supporting role in my hilarious shame. It supported many of my bad decisions with corresponding consequences dripping in every shade of dreadful. The chilly evening I Continue Reading
Many guys need to get in shape. If you’re reading this, and you’re not sure if I’m talking to you, it means I probably am. Most guys (myself included at the time of writing this blog) have excess body fat and flab that detracts from our physical appearance. Unfortunately, like the majority of men’s dating advice, there’s a lot of “theory” when it comes to nutrition and exercise, but very little concentrate advice, like, “Eat this. Lift that. Run this far.” I want to change that today, Continue Reading
A ghost has haunted the thoughts of every red-blooded male ever born. Some men wrestle with this ghost more than others—but it’s inherent in all of us. It’s why we love sports, why we tell stories over cold beers, it’s why we are who we are as men. It’s the ghost of validation. It’s the spirit that emerged from our insecurities before even knew we had insecurities. We don’t know why we want validation—we just do...Continue Reading
Every human should find themselves in a passionate relationship with a partner they absolutely hate at least once in their life. To nod in acceptance to that statement is to know the true face of attraction. As a long-time lover of womankind, I’ve seen some shit. I’ve seen crazy shit, wack shit, wild shit, awesome shit, and stinky shit. But through all the shit I’ve seen, one piece of shit stands out as particularly shitty: the shit idea that people make decisions logically. Don’t be Continue Reading
Let's get down to business with some hot tips for how to text a girl. And there's no better way to do that then we with some text tips, a.k.a. The 10 Best Texts to Send Hot Girls...OF ALL TIME! Today I want to give you my 10 best texts...right out of my iPhone. Here are my top 10 text messages...of ALL TIME. Get thumbs your ready!Continue Reading
Gentlemen. It was fun while it lasted—even if you could only stay a minute before you had to get back to your friends. Let us remember the good times, like when your stripper ex-girlfriend drove that Maserati off a modeling shoot and you had to protect her from a gang of your jealous ex-girlfriends who were trying to put you under a love spell. (By the way, do you think spells work?) Even if your nails weren’t real, they were still nice. I guess...Continue Reading
“Guys who’re good with women are easy to recognize, but hard to notice.” That’s a maxim I throw around often. Working in the dating advice industry has afforded me the opportunity to meet and observe the full range of men—from guys with incredible charisma to guys who don’t even know where to start. I’ve found two main factors separate the extremely successful guys from the disasters: 1.) The quality of information a man believes 2.) His ability to create and maintain new habitsContinue Reading
My “4-EG System” (the nerd in me had to give it a dorky-sounding name, sorry!) is so simple I can’t believe no one else has uncovered it before me. In its essence, it’s founded the two essential factors of ANY pickup: TENSION and RELEASE. To give a quick small-scale example, when you step up to a girl and say she’s hot, it creates tension. If you’re smiling as you say it, there’s a release. The complimentary “energies” of tension and release constantly cycle throughout an interaction. Continue Reading