Big News: Free Audio, Awesome 4-EG Product!

So Zack and I just finished preparing the audiobook version of “The 4 Elements of Game.” After we released the book, I’d receive a few emails a week from guys who’d ask about an audio version of the book, for 1 of 2 reasons:

1. They wanted to listen to the book, over and over, until the mindsets fully sank in
2. They hate reading.

I can appreciate where these guys are coming from, so Zack and I decided to create a full, unabridged version of the audiobook…

How to Text a Girl: The 10 Best Texts to Send Hot Girls…OF ALL TIME

Let’s get down to business with some hot tips for how to text a girl. And there’s no better way to do that then we with some text tips, a.k.a. The 10 Best Texts to Send Hot Girls…OF ALL TIME!

Today I want to give you my 10 best texts…right out of my iPhone.

Here are my top 10 text messages…of ALL TIME. Get thumbs your ready!