That’s because trying to set up women the “traditional” way is like trying to write a term paper on typewriter. It’s just stupid, a waste of time, and—ultimately—very ineffective. Instead, embrace technology and use the smartphone to your advantage. Texting women in the “modern era” means understanding how to use text to maximize your success with women...Continue Reading
So the last few weeks I've been hard at work on developing my own iPhone app. I designed it as a mini-course on getting over "approach anxiety." Having an app to help coach you through those crucial moments when you see an attractive girl seemed like the perfect use for an app (since you can just pull it out of your pocket and use it as an approach coach.) Anyway, Apple just approved it and it's available in the app store! You can check it out by typing in the keyword: ApproacHER or you Continue Reading
Some of you may have seen my post on TSB this morning on my top 5 novels for getting better with women. Guys always ask me to recommend them good book, and especially if those good books will help improve their success in dating. Well…those recommendations are my absolute best. I got a few messages asking me where the best place to find these books would be so I went ahead and made an Amazon book list. Order a few and enjoy a fall reading list that is both awesome and will help you Continue Reading