Imagine this scene… I’m sitting across from this Japanese girl with incredible cleavage at a sushi restaurant in midtown Manhattan. Our table is on the second floor, right next to a waterfall (yes, there’s a fucking waterfall in the restaurant!). Chill lounge music bumps in the background as the tables fill up with couples. At some point, I look up from the menu. My gaze narrowly avoids...Continue Reading
I just got back from Vegas where I hung out with my good friend and editor, Bobby Rio. I like hanging out with Bobby because he brings an interesting perspective to the dating advice niche. Unlike the bromance other instructors have with one another, Bobby looks at things pretty objectively and likes/criticizes accordingly. In his personal life, Bobby’s in a fulfilling relationship with a quality lady (I met her at a Mountain Dew party last year). While Bobby’s not out every weekend Continue Reading
If I’ve learned anything in the last few years, where I’ve met and dated women in manner completely beyond comprehension to any sensible human, I’ve learned this: things are not as they appear. Entering the dark woods of seduction is like walking into a carnival funhouse where contorted mirrors distort your sense of reality until you question the very fabric of everything. It’s no surprise that the lucky few guys who master this area of their life go on to pursue other endeavors that Continue Reading