Hello, my name’s Rob Judge. You may recognize me from my roles on Pickup Tube, Mehow’s Infield Insider (playing Zack Bauer’s wingmanA buddy who is usually also interested in meeting and attracting women and accompanies you when out meeting and attracting women. A good wingman will add to an attractive vibe and keep you positive. Most often, guys link up with a wingman when cold approaching women in night game.), and Awesome Guy at the Bar IV: The Return of Tequila.

For those who don’t know me, let’s get one thing straight.

I don’t love game; I love women.

After reading and applying years of dating advice and theories, there came a point where I stopped reading the materials and started revising them. That’s because my only barometer for success is sex and truth. And since sex often follows truth, it makes silting away the bullshit pretty simple.

See, I’m what you’d call a “third-generation” student of the pickup and dating advice industry. I wasn’t around for the dot com boom, or project Hollywood, or even the fallout later. I came at a time when the marketing hype was bloated, gurus worshiped, and peacocking required.

I got critical. I had to admit that dating advice was no longer helping me, but actually hurting me.

I may have come later, but I came tenaciously.

I moved to a city whose curfew was 4 a.m. so I could go out, night-after-night, often showing up to my 9-to-5 office job with bags under my eyes, and later with hickies dotting my neck. I spent hundreds of nights basking in truth as I watched every female reaction play out before me.

Girls loved me, hated me, and everything in between.

Regardless of the outcome, I thank them all. They made all this possible—they showed me the truth.

Meeting of the Minds

A year or so in the game, there came a night that changed everything. But it had nothing to do with a girl—but instead a dude [no homo]. That night came at a point where my reputation was beginning to spread amongst newbies and keyboard jockeys alike. I was far from mastery, but my balls, perseverance, and cultivated skill had earned me enough respect among New York pickup circles that guys wanted to meet me and watch me in action.

So the night began at a notorious downtown pickup locale, with a parade of random lair guys shaking my hand and creepily calling me by my Internet pseudonym. Toward the end of the night, one of the lair guys offered me a ride home. I accepted, hopping in the car with a couple other guys. As we were driving home, I spotted three girls standing outside a nightclub.

Struck by a premonition, I said:

Watch this.

Then, opening the car door, I added:

I’ll bet I can have those girls in the car within a minute.

The car erupted in skeptical whoops as I jogged up to the three girls, noticing the blonde was cute and looked strikingly like my ex-girlfriend of five years—the girl who drove me to study dating advice.

I don’t remember what I said, but somehow I delivered on my promise: seconds later I strolled back to the car, arm-in-arm with the cute blonde doppelganger, much to the shocked enjoyment of the carload of lair guys. The girls snuggled into the car, the blonde conveniently sitting on my lap. After a minute or so, we were making out passionately…

The next morning I woke up to a text that read,

Sup bro?!? What u did last night in tha car was sick!!! Can I buy you lunch and pick your brain??

I’d forgotten I’d given my number to a couple of the lair guys, but I agreed to meet the mystery texter as I was hungry and enjoy free food. I told him to meet me at a nearby pizzeria.

Enter Zack

About twenty minutes later, a tall, shaggy haired guy stumbled in: none other than the now-legendary Zack BauerGood friend and wingman of Rob Judge. Zack is a former partner in Date Hotter Girls who taught live programs with Rob and appears on several Date Hotter Girls products.. Immediately, I knew from the way he spoke that Zack was as passionate and committed to figuring out dating, attraction, and women as I was.

Zack and I went on to forge a solid friendship built on our common love of babes. Together, we agreed to pool our knowledge and experience, stopping at NOTHING to learn the fastest, simplest, and most effective way to attract the women we REALLY wanted.

Starting that afternoon, one of the things I both love and hate about Zack is that he doesn’t let me bullshit myself. While the lair guys were impressed with my quick makeouts and flash game, Zack knew what I secretly knew: I wasn’t living up to my full potential.

While my structured style of game won me accolades from the newbs and KJs, Zack wasn’t overly impressed. He knew I wanted success, real success—we wanted the girls other guys backed down from even approaching. And to get those girls, we had to devise an entire new system.

Trying it All

At first, Zack and I thought we’d get those girls by switching to a more aggressive, natural style of game. Like two maniacs at the gym, Zack and I would push each other past our “pain threshold,” forcing ourselves way outside of our comfort zones. We’d see how much we could “get away with” when it came to hitting on, escalating, and taking home hot girls.

And success followed. This new direct, physical style of game complimented the charisma I’d learned all those years practicing structured game.

Soon, Zack and I were taking home new girls almost every weekend. But still, Zack knew what I knew: we weren’t living up to our full potential. Even though we were having sex with hot girls, we weren’t keeping those girls around or creating meaningful relationships. Moreover, our “hit” rate wasn’t great, as I’d often have to “get in state” before I could feel confident enough to attract really hot girls.

I think a lot of guys in the community can relate to this phase, where they’re getting some results, but know they could be doing better. They’re getting phone numbers, even dates and occasionally sex—yet they still know they’re not living up to their full potential. In other words, they’re not dating girls they’re super excited to see again and again, weeks—or even months and years—later.

Beyond the “Quick Fix”

For me, it was very hard to “see past” the dating advice that’d produced such a huge transformation in me. Even though I wasn’t enjoying my full potential, I was still doing way better than I had years before. But rather than get lazy, I got critical.

I had to admit that dating advice was no longer helping me, but actually hurting me. That’s because all the available dating advice emphasize two elements: mechanics and driveMotivation to actively approach and interact with women. When a man has a driven mindset, he will fearlessly—and shamelessly—pursue his goals and aspirations. (In the context of dating, that would be a woman he finds attractive.). While that’s helpful as a “quick fix,” there are four core elements of female attraction, so four elements of game. By neglecting the other two elements, I was sabotaging my success.

Essentially, this led Zack and I to see the true face of game: the 4-elements of game (4-EG“The Four Elements of Game,” which make up the self-correcting system pioneered by Date Hotter Girls that unlock a man’s attractive potential with women. Each element is balanced by it’s counter element, so drive balances inspiration and mechanics balances connection.) system. More important than discovering the 4-EGs, we discovered how they relate to one another. From there, Zack and I devised a system of balance and “normalcy” that allowed us to get the results we’d always wanted: attracting super hot, quality women—and, equally as important, keeping them.

The 4-EG System

Right now, I feel like a kid getting ready for Christmas as we put the finishing touches on the book launch. I can’t wait to read your success story about how you attracted your dream girl using our 4-EG system. And the best part is you don’t have to throw away everything you already learned or negate all the work you’ve already done.

All those women you’ve approached and material you studied will fit right back into the 4-EG method. However, it’s time you stop blaming your mistakes on yourself, and start blaming the imbalance the other materials have caused.

If you’ve ever felt awkward, anxious, or just flat out incongruent, it’s because you 4-EGs weren’t harmonized and balanced. Once you learn all fours elements, and how each relate to one another, it’s going to change your entire definition of “game.” The days of inflated marketing hype and exaggerated fantasy tales from gurus are over—it’s time you see the REAL face of game, and apply it yourself to get the girls you’ve always wanted—and deserve.

If you have any doubts, ask yourself this: why is it that Zack and I are the only two guys in the pickup community to not only have 1 same night pull infield video recorded, but 2? Not only that, we didn’t film them—competing dating companies did. Therefore, there’s no way we could’ve edited the footage to make ourselves look good. It’s simply the truth.

The old days of game are over. Welcome to game revised. Welcome to the 4-EG method.

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