Last year I wrote the 10 Best Texts to Send Girls…OF ALL TIME. Now, time hasn’t ended and those 10 texts are still totally relevant and effective.

But since these posts are fun to put together, and I think they teach good fundamentals for texting and communicating with women, I decided to follow up last year’s post with another 10 texts, straight from my iPhone…

#10: Know Any?

Haha joker … I downloaded Tron and need some cute nerdy girl to watch it with

Know any? ;]

A big part of texting girls is learning how to give a compliment without coming off like ass-kissing chump. Saying flattering things—but saying them in interesting ways—is the best way to work a phone number into a date. This text is a perfect example of that.

By playfully inviting a girl to a movie, but calling her “cute” and “nerdy,” and then flirtatiously negating the invitation by adding, “Know any?” is a great way to keep things smoldering (especially with cute, nerdy chicks).

#9: The Badass

Yay!! What r u going to do w.all ur free time?

Probs smoke some crack, steal some cars, bake cookies… Typical vacation stuff ;]

One of the worst things a guy can do when texting girls is become too predictable. If you find yourself going back-and-forth with women on text (which you shouldn’t, per my cardinal rule of texting from The 4 Elements of Game), you should absolutely make sure you don’t become boring, predictable guy. If a girl asks what you’re doing, or how you plan on spending your vacation, giving a serious answer will usually just cause a lull. Therefore, answering with something totally ridiculous (like The Badass) will re-spark the excitement.

#8: The Diseased Romantic

Then I’d make out with you shamelessly, even if it meant giving you the ebola virus ;D

Telling girls you think they’re hot, and that you’re interested in them sexually, is how you stay out of the friend zone. Unfortunately it’s also how to be a major creep-master. Therefore, there’s certainly an “art” to expressing sexual interest. As I detail in The 4 Elements, effective sexual tension is all about balancing driveMotivation to actively approach and interact with women. When a man has a driven mindset, he will fearlessly—and shamelessly—pursue his goals and aspirations. (In the context of dating, that would be a woman he finds attractive.) (sexual interest) with inspirationThe ability to express oneself in a creative—and alluring—way. As a counter-balance to drive, an inspired mindset is “passive” and so is follows driven action. (For example, a guy who “doesn’t know what to say” will suddenly think of something if he simply takes action and approaches a woman. Inspiration will come to him “on-the-spot.”) (humor and personality). This text brings the sexual interest while also keeping it humorous. And somewhat gross.

#7: Vanity Fair

Something just reminded me of you 😉

Aww what!? 🙂 hope it was good

Let’s face it: humans are vain creatures. Whenever people talk about us, we want to hear about it. So why not use that human foible to your advantage? By “baiting” a woman by saying something reminded you of her, and then telling her you’ll explain over some wine, you set up a nice little date for yourself.

#6: The Morning After You Left

Things got wild after you left… Cougars gone wild 😉 –Bobby, that dashing man from the Gansevoort

Sometimes the most important text you send is the first text. For a long time I struggled with this, either texting too much or too little, too serious or too bizarre. Finally I stumbled on a text that always seems to get a good response, without making it seem like I’m trying too hard. This text says it all: cougars, wildness, the place where you met, your name, and even one of those little emoticons. This text rarely doesn’t get a response—even from girls who might not even remember you.

#5: First Impressions

Here… Look for the 450 pound dude with the bussel of flowers in front of the Mexican string quartet singing love ballads

Whenever you’re sending a text, you might as well send something that will work for you later. Therefore, if I get a date venue before a girl, I don’t just text, “Here”. I try to spice things and text something we can immediately joke about when she shows up. By describing myself in a way so obviously not me, I set up a flirty dynamic before the date even begins. It’s a great way to start a night.

#4: Traditional Date

We must spawn Zoolander children lol keep your day planner open for tomorrow ;P

As I said before, one the best texting skills a man can learn is the ability to give compliments without coming off weird or creepy. Most guys tell girls they’re hot or beautiful or some permutation of the two. It’s much better, however, to complement a girl in tandem—or, in other words, make a cocky statement about yourself while also giving her a complement. My favorite way to do this is by commenting on how great your future children will be. When you tell her you want to have Zoolander babies with her, you’re not only telling her she’s hot and you’re hot, but you’re also implying you’re going to have sex—all while you keep it funny. Win, win, win.

#3: Traditional Date

Hmmm let’s be traditional and enjoy an old fashioned drink together

These days, people really over-think dating. If you think dating is complicated for a dude, it’s equally complicated for women. Therefore, do everyone a favor and suggest something old fashioned…like a drink. Keeping these simple is not only a great text strategy—it’s also a great way to procure a date.

#2: Music Assistant

Also nothing to write at work, so give me a good song to illegally download… I’m feeling gangsta ;P

Sometimes you just need a text to keep the ball in the air. When I used to work in an office, I’d sit in my cubicle texting babes all day. Usually I’d just use text to set up meet ups or manage girls I was seeing, but occasionally I’d just send a text to keep things alive with girls I was working on. Asking a girl for a song recommendation is a great way to get to know her while not asking boring interview-style questions like, “What kind of music do you like?” Get a gangsta recommendation from a hot girl in your phone…like right now.

#1: Jaws

It’s shark week… Made me think of you

Sometimes your best bet when texting is to go with the absurd. These sorts of texts are especially good when you’re getting lackluster responses or no responses at all. While it’s a hit-or-miss move, if a girl has a special place in her heart for sharks, you just may be able to rekindle things with the Jaws text.

(Alternative Jaws text: “Shark’s over. It’s safe. What are you doing later?”)

And so there you have it: 10 More of the Best Texts to Send Hot Girls…OF ALL TIME!

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  1. Good stuff as always Rob…I’ve gotten mileage out of both your top 10 list from last year and your “girl forgot you the next day” strategy, keep it coming!

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