Imagine this scene… I’m sitting across from this Japanese girl with incredible cleavage at a sushi restaurant in midtown Manhattan. Our table is on the second floor, right next to a waterfall (yes, there’s a fucking waterfall in the restaurant!). Chill lounge music bumps in the background as the tables fill up with couples. At some point, I look up from the menu. My gaze narrowly avoids...Continue Reading
If we were to meet up, have a drink together, and then go meet women, it would only take us seeing you do one approach to figure out if you’re good with women or not. It wouldn’t necessarily matter if you “got” the girl. No. Over all the years, we’ve learned there are really only two ways to tell if a guy’s good with women. Here’s how: when approaching, are the girls: 1. Loving him, or 2. Hating him?Continue Reading
Newbs—you gotta love ‘em. Whether you’re learning how to become better with women or playing some dorky multiplayer videogame, there will always be “newbs”—people trying something for the first time. Like high school freshmen, newbs often have ridiculous expectations derived from little or no experience. That’s why newbs are often so easy to laugh at. These are the guys who post on internet message boards about wanting to know the “secret line” to get the wild orgy with the harem of Continue Reading
Whenever I meet guys looking to improve their success with women, one underlying question always permeates everything they do: when will I be good with women? Every guy who gets into improving his success with women really only wants thing, which is to have success with women. Some guys refuse to endure the process necessary for that success, so they give up; other guys are willing to going through the process, but only do it with the ultimate outcome in mind. I completely understand the Continue Reading
When you imagine improving your love life, what comes to mind? Do you envision wild nightclubs? Crazy party girls with fake boobs shoved in your face? Acting like a wild rock star? Living the idealized frat house life that you missed out on in your college years? Those were the images that used to come to my mind. For a while, I thought that improving my success with women was an irreverent adventure fit for an American Pie movie. That “vision” led me down an interesting rabbit hole. Continue Reading
Writing a journal is one the best ways to spend your time. To me, writing about your experiences is like drinking a protein shake after an intense workout. The act of writing lets you relive your experiences from a godlike perspective as you examine your choices without emotion, allowing you to make sense of yourself, other people, and the situation. Your journal is how you can suck the marrow from life, making the most of each day. When it comes to improving your success with women, Continue Reading
Whenever I’m talking to someone wrapped up in the dating advice community, and I mention that I have a girlfriend, their next question is always, “Are you going to start pulling threesomes with her?” There was a time when I would’ve answered that question. There was even a time when I would’ve asked that question. Though, these days, after having seen the dating advice industry inside and out, I can’t help but feeling disappointed when I hear it asked.Continue Reading
A ghost has haunted the thoughts of every red-blooded male ever born. Some men wrestle with this ghost more than others—but it’s inherent in all of us. It’s why we love sports, why we tell stories over cold beers, it’s why we are who we are as men. It’s the ghost of validation. It’s the spirit that emerged from our insecurities before even knew we had insecurities. We don’t know why we want validation—we just do...Continue Reading
Every human should find themselves in a passionate relationship with a partner they absolutely hate at least once in their life. To nod in acceptance to that statement is to know the true face of attraction. As a long-time lover of womankind, I’ve seen some shit. I’ve seen crazy shit, wack shit, wild shit, awesome shit, and stinky shit. But through all the shit I’ve seen, one piece of shit stands out as particularly shitty: the shit idea that people make decisions logically. Don’t be Continue Reading
Last night I was out with my editor and friend, Bobby Rio. It’s pretty awesome when you have a job where hooking up with girls is considered R&D. We arrived at a rooftop lounge, grabbed a round of drinks, and scoped the place out. It looked like the typical shenanigans of New York nightlife. We sledged through a crowd of people. We dodged the occasional erratic dance move until we’d pushed our way to the back patio section. Having put relative distance between ourselves and the Continue Reading