Let’s get down to business with some hot tips for how to text a girl. And there’s no better way to do that then we with some text tips, a.k.a. The 10 Best Texts to Send Hot Girls…OF ALL TIME!

(Note: If you’re wondering why I used images rather than write out the texts, it’s because this way they won’t come up in a Google search. You can feel free to use these texts without fear of “getting caught!”)

How to Text a Girl Example #10: Romantic Commando

haha it’s storym… wish you were here to cuddle under a blanket, drink wine, and watch a Rambo movie

This is a great text to send to a girl you’re seeing, or have in a “holding pattern” (i.e., a girl you’re trying to meet up with, but logisticsThe structure or trajectory of an attractive interaction. Logistics is an active process of keeping things on track, whether it’s steering the conversation in the right direction or planning the logistics of a date, an understanding of logistics keeps an interaction interesting, seductive, and memorable. are screwing you over). It’s sweet, romantic, but also manly as Chuck Norris in a vat of testosterone. Be Prince Charming, but keep your manly dignity.

How to Text a Girl Example #9: The Scooter-Perv

It’s beautiful out, I saw an old man on a scooter w/kneepads checking out babes this morning. Made my day. Anyway what are you doing later?

I must confess, this text was inspired by a Tweet I wrote. (See, this is why it pays to follow us on Twitter!) A great text to send to warm up any girl you’re trying to meet up with. It’s random, not try-hard, and hilarious.

how to text a girl

How to Text a Girl Example #8: Don’t Hate

Don’t hate!

Sometimes minimalism pays. You don’t want to be the guy composing DBQ essays on text, making it offensively obvious you’re trying to impress her. Instead, feel confident in your understanding of how to text a girl and ping her objections with 2 simple words: “Don’t hate.” This text can fit almost any situation and always addresses the issue at hand: her not hating on you.

How to Text a Girl Example #7″ The Aristocrat

In the penthouse, listening to Mozart, sipping aged Scotch, thinking of you

I borrowed this text from someone’s blog, but can’t remember who (if it was your blog, please let me know and I’ll give you a shout out.) Anyway, this is pure genius. Like the “Romantic Commando” it allows you to be “sweet and caring” while also being “awesome and fucking awesome.” The obvious satire counterbalances the strong message. Excellent for dispelling a “player vibe.”

How to Text a Girl Example #6: Ladies’ Night

Hey if you’re around later, Monday nights are dive bar nights… Let’s get a drink

One of the best way to reduce your flake rate is by pretending you have the most awesome shit going on in your life…ever. A perfect way to do that on text (without coming across like a complete douche) is by pairing whatever activity you plan on doing with whatever night you plan on doing it, and then designating it “__(day of the week)__ is _(activity)__ night.” So, for example, if you want to take her out for sushi on a Wednesday, you’d text, “Wednesday is sushi night…bring your own chopsticks!” or something like that.

How to Text a Girl Example #5 The Weird Mind Trick

Hey Roxy, come join me later for a glorious evening. Will be fun — let me know πŸ˜‰

I can’t explain why this works, but you just have to trust me. Our friend Chris (a.k.a., Junior Spesh), after years of living a self-proclaimed “international playboy” lifestyle, stumbled on a text whose effectiveness is almost fabled. For whatever reason, adding the phrase “Will be fun– let me know :]” to the end of your text almost always gets a response…even from the flakiest, most non-responsive girl. Don’t take my word for it, try it. Like, right now.

How to Text a Girl Example #4: Scrolling Nostalgia

Wow Allie C just scrolling thru my phone and realized it’s tragic we never met up. What are you doing later?

If you have numbers in your phone from girls you met months ago, but who flaked on you, trying the old “scrolling nostalgia” trick may finally trigger your long-awaited reunion. The premise is pretty self-explanatory, just type, hit send, and hope for the best. Nothing to lose and everything to gain.

How to Text a Girl Example #3: If by X, you mean Y then yes.

If by pumpkin you mean ravaging sex demon than yes

This text is the best way to ping any stupid comment or insult a girl might throw your way. You simply answer with an agreement (i.e., “If by (insult)“) and then say something sexual or absurd (i.e., “You mean (awesome)“). So it’s: “If by X, you mean Y.” This is an excellent way to keep a text conversation on track and not get sidetracked by a smart ass remark or barb.

How to Text a Girl Example #2: The Baby Maker

What are your feelings on having a lovechild??

Honestly, one of the best texts of all time–especially when it comes to getting girls to de-flake. This text has it all: brevity, humor, role-playing, and a sexual undertone. This is the sort of text that won’t just get a response…it’ll get girls to stop in their tracks and be like, “WTF…who IS this guy?!” Highly recommend for any girl, in any situation.

How to Text a Girl Example #1: The B.S.-proof Match Maker

Drinks? Later?

Finally, this brings us to the best text of all time…which, incidentally, is the simplest text of all time: “Drinks? Later?” Let me reiterate: texting is only a means to get a meet-up or date. Sure, the texts above may be funnier, wittier, or more elaborate than 2 simple words; but it doesn’t mean those texts are better.

There’s no such thing as “great text game” since the only purpose of text is to meet up with a girl. So then, you may be wondering: how to text a girl? I usually start with “Drinks? Later?” and ONLY get creative if that doesn’t work. If 2 simple words are all you need to get a girl out, you know why this is the best text of all time. Otherwise, feel free to use some stagecraft to “get her in the mood!”

And so there you have it: How to text a girl with THE 10 Best Texts to Send Hot Girls…OF ALL TIME!

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  1. Not bad, not bad at all…

    I personally wouldn’t use the Penthouse message (unless I was actually filthy rich) but that’s just me. Because you know that she is going to want to see the Penthouse… it’s a given!

    All the others were pretty good though buddy, and yes, the simplest texts are the best. I found that the more you write, the bigger the chance of a flake as you are giving her too much of your energy and thus ‘power’

    – Neil Ward
    The London Dating Coach

  2. How do you think these same text principles apply to Facebook? I just had a hot girl message me, and after a good exchange, she asked ME what I was doing that evening. I must have really f’d up cuase she never responded. Well we kinda started back up a conversation but now this girl hasnt responded again…

    any words of wisdom?

    • “Well what did you have in mind?”

      That would be my response to any girl who asks “what are you doing for… or on… what are your plans for…” (whatever occasion it is).

  3. I can’t help but to wonder how many women receive the same text multiple times and what to do if she recognizes a “duplicate text” from you and other previous guys. It hasn’t happened to me yet that I know of, but… I assume if it did, I’d never know (or hear from her again).

  4. How about situational text openers? You know, where you remember something you talked about when you got her phone number.

    Suppose she was wearing a pink cap that you specifically said you didn’t like. You could start texting her:

    “Hey, this is X from last night. Just wondering – did you finally got rid of that pink cap? :)”

  5. I think duplicate texts are very easy to avoid. You just need some inspiration to get started. And come on the puacommunity is still very nichy, nichy. You think it’s super big, it’ s actually totally not?

    So most girls never even receive these texts anyway.
    And calling is good 1 too by the way!

    Sarge on!

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