If you knew exactly what to say to get a woman laughing or excited to talk to you, how much easier would your life be?

Whether meeting a girl for the first time or talking to your long-term girlfriend, you’d always come off polished, charismatic, and attractive.

Moreover, the days of getting stuck making “small talk” or desperately trying to think of what to say would be long gone. So, if you have 5 minutes and 32 seconds to spare right now, I have a conversation tip for you…

Let’s face it: the “gift of gab” eludes most men. All-too-often guys find themselves playing “conversational ping pong” with women (see animation below).

You ask her a question…

…she answers. She asks you a question…

…you answer.

The conversation is nice.

The conversation is polite.

And the conversation leads leads straight to the FRIEND-ZONE.

Sound familiar?

Don’t worry; we’ve been there! We know how frustrating it can be to want your conversations with women to be fun and flirty, yet not know how to take it there. But there’s good news…

After much trial and error (emphasis on the error), we discovered the cure for “conversational ping pong.” Say goodbye to small talk because the solution is so effortless and simple, you’ll be a conversational stud in no time.


The Secret to Attractive Conversation is…

On the surface, talking to a woman is about getting to know her, and letting her get to know you. While that’s pretty obvious, there’s a RIGHT and WRONG way to do it.

WRONG WAY TO TALK TO WOMEN: Make the facts of each other’s lives the focus of the conversation.


She says:

So, where did you grow up?

He says:

Right near the Jersey Shore. How about you?

She says:

Long Island

He says:


While sharing facts is a necessary part of getting to know someone, facts alone ARE NOT ATTRACTIVE! It doesn’t get her INVESTED in the interaction because there’s nothing fun or interesting or exciting about an answer like, “I grew up near the Jersey Shore.”

It’s up to YOU to get her invested.

Make her want to get to know you! To do this, you need to inject personality into your answers. If you grew up near the Jersey Shore, how can you make that answer interesting or funny?

RIGHT WAY TO TALK TO WOMEN: Make the focus of the conversation what’s ENTERTAINING about the facts of each other’s lives (e.g., share anecdotes, quirky opinions, and funny stories about your life)


She says:

So, where did you grow up?

He says:

I grew up in a little beach-front village on the Atlantic. It’s home to an indigenous tribe of people who have their own reality show. You may have heard of it…it’s called…the Jersey Shore. They have this tribal dance. It’s called the fist-pump.

She says:

No way! I’m from Long Island and we totally invented the fist pump!

Notice how adding just a couple humorous details about growing up near the Jersey Shore changes the course of the conversation. It sidesteps the monotony of back-and-forth questions and answers.

An answer like this keeps the interaction from feeling like a job interview. Instead, it becomes about getting to know each other’s PERSONALITY, which is so much more fun and entertaining than straight facts.

How To Do It (Explained)

Here are three steps to take any “normal” fact about your life and turn it into a playful conversation:

  1. Think about questions you’re usually asked on dates
  2. Consider how you usually respond
  3. Take your responses a step further—what’s interesting or funny about your answer?

For example, if a woman asks about your family, you may be tempted to list your siblings or mention your relationship with your parents, but where’s the fun in that? Instead, why not share something humorous or entertaining about your family life.

Telling a woman that your dad is like “the white version of Carl Winslow” is way better than some generic fact she probably won’t even remember. Comparing your dad to a zany, hot-tempered character from a ‘90s sitcom injects personality into your answer. It conveys so much more than a bland fact.

…where’s the fun in that? Instead, why not share something humorous or entertaining about your family life.

Better yet, it sets a vibe that will be way more attractive.

Now, it’s your turn. Start brainstorming ways you can add personality when talking about aspects of your life. Not only will this make you exponentially better at talking to women, it’ll also loosen her up. She’ll feel comfortable revealing more about her personality, as well.

I guarantee you’re going to enjoy what comes next…

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